CENG MS Curriculum

CENG MS Curriculum

Course CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:36
CENG 518Introduction to Research Methodology and Ethics(3+0)09
ELT 1Technical Elective(3+0)39
ELT 2Technical Elective(3+0)39
ELT 3Technical Elective(3+0)39
Course CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:43
CENG 590Seminar(0+2)07
ELT 4Technical Elective(3+0) 39
ELT 5Technical Elective(3+0) 39
ELT 6Technical Elective(3+0) 39
ELT 7Technical Elective(3+0) 39
Course CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:30
CENG 8XXSpecial Studies(8+0)04
CENG 500M.S. Thesis(0+1)026
Course CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:30
CENG 8XXSpecial Studies(8+0)04
CENG 500M.S. Thesis(0+1)026
Total ECTS: 139

It is allowed to take at most 2 of technical elective courses from undergraduate program.

Technical Elective Courses

Course Code Course Name Prerequisite(s)
CENG 501 Introduction to Statistical Data Processing
CENG 502 System Modeling and Computer Simulation
CENG 503 Computer Applications in Medicine and Biology
CENG 504 Optimization Methods
CENG 505 Advanced Computer Networks
CENG 506 Deep Learning
CENG 507 Introduction to Biometric Recognition
CENG 508 Digital Image Processing
CENG 509 Vision Based Tracking and Modeling
CENG 511 Advanced Information Theory
CENG 512 Advanced Theory of Computation
CENG 513 Compiler Design and Construction
CENG 514 Computational Number Theory
CENG 515 Topics in Computer Science
CENG 516 Advanced Programming Languages
CENG 517 Classics Works in Computer Science
CENG 521 Advanced Operating Systems
CENG 522 Advanced Embedded System Design
CENG 523 Advanced Topics of Real Time Systems
CENG 524 Advanced Computer Architecture
CENG 525 Fault Tolerant Computing
CENG 531 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
CENG 532 Expert Systems and Knowledge Engineering
CENG 533 Probabilistic Reasoning
CENG 534 Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
CENG 541 Advanced Database Management Systems
CENG 542 Knowledge Discovery
CENG 543 Information Retrieval Systems
CENG 544 Large-Scale Data Management
CENG 551 Advanced Software Engineering
CENG 552 Software Testing
CENG 555 Analysis and Design of Microservice Based Systems
CENG 556 Software Management
CENG 557 Advanced Software Design Patterns
CENG 561 Advanced Information Security
CENG 562 Internet Security
CENG 563 Database and Software Security
CENG 564 Information Systems Policy, Management and Organization
CENG 565 C4I and Information Warfare
CENG 566 Privacy Enhancing Technologies
CENG 608 3D Photography
CENG 612 Category Theory in Computer Science
CENG 613 Research Methods in Computer Science
CENG 631 Cognitive Computing
CENG 632 Computational Intelligence
CENG 641 Data Integration
CENG 642 Privacy Preserving Data Mining
CENG 643 Pattern Discovery in Data Mining
CENG 651 Formal Methods for Safety and Security
CENG 661 Advanced Asymmetrical Cryptosystems
CENG 662 Advanced Symmetrical Cryptosystems
CENG 663 Cryptanalysis

These courses are offered in the semesters when the related faculty members and minimum number of students are available.