PhD Program

Program Educational Objectives

1.Produce original knowledge in the area of specialization.
2.Work effectively, individually as well as in teams.
3.Interpret own knowledge impressively at international or inter-disciplinary platforms.
4.Defend own views convincingly in at least one foreign language.
5.Evaluate own work unbiased and ethically.
6.Reflect research results on teaching and transfer them to technology.

Program Outcomes

1.Produces original knowledge, by using in-depth and in-breadth knowledge.
2.Uses state-of-the-art knowledge, products, processes and methods.
3.Publishes research results in reputed academic journals and conferences.
4.Criticizes knowledge produced in the areas of specialization, evaluates it in social environments and effectively defends own views in a foreign language.
5.Evaluates scientific, technological, social and cultural developments and explains them ethically minded to the public.