CENG 608

3D Photography

This course covers algorithms and applications to extract 3D information (especially shape) from images. It starts with the camera model and calibration, 2D and 3D projective geometries and extracting feature points. Then it covers passive 3D reconstruction techniques such as single view reconstruction, structure from motion, shape from silhouettes. Active sensing techniques (time of flight cameras, structured light, laser scanners etc.) that directly obtain 3D data are also briefly covered.

Camera models and calibration
Feature point extraction and matching
Feature point tracking and optical flow
2D projective geometry
RANSAC and image alignment using feature points (image warping)
3D projective geometry and epipolar geometry
Two-view and multi-view structure-from-motion
3D simultaneous localization and mapping
Depth extraction with stereo matching
Image segmentation
3D reconstruction
Active sensing techniques