CENG 522

Advanced Embedded System Design

Nature of embedded systems, their role in computer engineering; special and general purpose microprocessor design, embedded microcontrollers, embedded software; real time systems, problems of timing and scheduling; testing and performance issues, reliability; design methodologies, software tool support for development of such systems; problems of maintenance and upgrade; introduction to Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Design, VHDL.

Introduction to Embedded System Design
Review of Digital Logic and Computer Architecture Concepts
FPGA design; VHDL Programming Language
Single and General Purpose Datapath Design
Microprocessor Concepts and Design
Embedded System Design with Microcontrollers
Real-Time Kernels
Modeling and Verification of RT Embedded Systems
Data Acquisition and Digital Signal Processing Applications
Control Systems
Embedded Software Development
Documentation, Software Re-Use and Continuous Improvement
Fault-Tolerance Techniques
Recent Developments and Research