CENG 556

Software Management

This course focuses on two advanced aspects of software management; organizational change and software measurement. Primary topics include software process improvement frameworks, agile maturity models, software process modeling languages, software measurement and social aspects of organizational change. Students participate in a modelling and organizational assessment project to as well as gain hands on experience on measurement and prediction for software projects.

Week Topics
1 Concepts of Quality Improvement
2 Quality Control to Quality Assurance to Quality Management
3 Adding Value through Quality Management
4 Software Subcultures
5 Maturity Models
6 Agile Maturity Models
7 Changing Patterns
8 Process Modelling Notations
9 Process Modelling
10 Measurement Theory
11 Measuring Quality
12 Software Size Measurement and Prediction
13 Barriers to Organizational Change
14 Knowledge Based Organizations, Learning Organizations