CENG 565

C4I and Information Warfare

Concepts, Terminology, Command-Control-Communications-Computers and Intelligence (C4I ) Structure, Aims and Threats, Attacks and Defenses in Cyber Space, Economic – Psychological and Intelligence Warfare, Information Warfare Strategy, Intelligence and Counterintelligence in Cyber Space, Cyber Terrorism.

Concepts of Information in Warfare
Information and War: Is it a Revolution?
The New Face of War, Cyberwarfare: Connecting the Dots in Cyber Intelligence
Art of War : Sun Zi s Military Methods
Know Thy Enemy
Learning from the Enemy
Who’s Calling? Deriving Organization Structure from Communication Records
Means and Ways: Practical Approaches to Impact Adversary Decision-Making Processes
Breakdown of Control—Common Malfunctions of Organizational Decision-Making
Propagation of Defeat—Inducing and Mitigating a Self-Reinforcing Degradation
Gossip Matters—Destabilization of an Organization by Injecting Suspicion
Crystal Ball
Organizational Armor—Design of Attack-resistant Organizations