CENG 501

Introduction to Statistical Data Processing

Organization and application of computers and statistical techniques to data processing. Data handling in terms of coding, preparation, acquisition (with and without computers), screening and reduction; summarization, tabulation and analysis; random variables, statistical estimation and hypothesis testing, enumerated data analysis, linear models (regression, correlation, analysis of variance).

Data; Classification, Summarization and Tabulation of Data; Descriptive Statistics and Coding
Introduction to Probability
Conditional Probability, Random Variables, Expected Values
Discrete Distibutions, Binomial, Negative Binomial and Poisson Distibutions
Continuous uniform, Normal, Gamma, Exponential and Weibull Distributions.
Introduction to Statistical Inference, Point Estimation, Interval Estimation
Tests of Hypotheses, Large Sample Tests
Tests of Hypotheses, Single Sample Tests, Two Sample Tests
Tests of Hypotheses, Small Sample Tests
Analysis of Categorical Data (Chi-Square Tests)
Simple Linear Regression and Correlation
Introduction to Multiple Linear Regression
Introduction to Experimentation, Analysis of Variance