CENG 555

Analysis and Design of Microservice Based Systems

This course arms students with the knowledge and expertise to “design” and “engineer” services using state of the art technology. Students will learn the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a way to design an enterprise environment that features cross-platform compatibility, agility and cost-efficiency. In particular, microservices based architectures, reactive systems and event-oriented modelling will be taught and serverless computing will be introduced.

Week Topics
1 Service Orientation
2 Service Oriented Architecture
3 Service Design Principles and SOA Benefits
4 Evolution of the Web Service
5 Programmable Web
6 Resource Oriented Architecture
7 Evolution of Services to Microservices
8 Domain Driven Design
10 Event Oriented Modeling
11 Advanced Event Oriented Modeling Concepts
12 An Event Oriented Analysis Method
13 Reaktif Sistemler
14 Design Patterns for Microservice Based Systems
15 Advanced concepts