Undergraduate Curriculum

Undergraduate Curriculum

DepartmentCourse CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:31
MATH141Basic Calculus I(3+2)45
PHYS101General Physics I(2+2)47
CENG111Concepts in Computer Engineering(3+0) 34
CENG113Programming Basics(3+2) 47
CENG115Discrete Structures(3+0) 35
ENG101Development of Reading and Writing Skills I(3+0) 33
DepertmentCourse CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:31
MATH142Basic Calculus II(3+2)46
PHYS102General Physics II(2+2)48
MATH144Finite Mathematics(3+0) 35
CENG112Data Structures(3+0) CENG11336
ECON106Principles of Economics(3+0) 33
ENG102Development of Reading and Writing Skills II(3+0) 33
DepertmentCourse CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:36
CENG211Programming Fundamentals(3+0)CENG11336
CENG213Theory of Computation(3+0)36
CENG215Circuits and Electronics(3+2)47
MATH255Differential Equations(4+0)46
Non Technical Elective(3+0)33
HIST201Principles of Ataturk I(2+0)02
TURK201Turkish Language I(2+0)02
HIST203History of the Turkish Revolution I (*)(2+0)02
TURK203Turkish for Foreigners (*)(2+0)02
(*) Mandatory courses for foreign students.
DepertmentCourse CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:36
CENG212Concepts of Programming Languages(3+0)35
CENG214Logic Design(3+2)47
CENG216Numerical Computation(3+0)35
CENG218Analysis and Design of Algorithms
CENG 222Probability and Statistics
HIST202Principles of Ataturk II(2+0)02
TURK202Turkish Language II(2+0)02
HIST204History of the Turkish Revolution II (*)(2+0)02
TURK204Turkish for Foreigners (*)(2+0)2
(*) Mandatory courses for foreign students.
DepertmentCourse CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:31
CENG311Computer Architecture(3+2)CENG 21448
CENG315Information Management(3+0)37
CENG323Project Management(3+0)38
Technical Elective I(3+0)35
Non Technical Elective(3+0)33
DepertmentCourse CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:34
CENG312Computer Networks(3+0)37
CENG316Software Engineering(3+0)38
CENG318Human Computer Interaction(3+0)36
CENG322Operating Systems(3+2)48
Technical Elective II(3+0)35
DepertmentCourse CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:30
CENG411Professional Issues in Computer Engineering(3+0) 34
CENG415Senior Design Project & Seminar I(3+0) CENG 31639
Technical Elective III(3+0) 33
Technical Elective IV(3+0) 35
Non Technical Elective(3+0)35
CENG400Summer Practice(3+0) 04
DepertmentCourse CodeCourse NameHoursPrerequisitesCreditsECTS
Total ECTS:32
CENG416Senior Design Project & Seminar II(3+0)CENG41539
CENG418Information Security(3+0)36
CENG424Embedded Computer Systems(3+0)37
Technical Elective V(3+0)35
Technical Elective VI(3+0)35
Total ECTS: 261

Technical Elective Courses

Third Year

Course Code Course Name Prerequisite(s)
CENG 381 Stochastic Processes
CENG 382 Information Theory
CENG 383 Real-Time Systems
CENG 384 Microprocessors
CENG 386 Fuzzy Logic Systems
CENG 388 Web Programming
CENG 389 Mobile Application Development
CENG 390 Cloud Computing
CENG 391 Introduction to Image Understanding

Fourth Year

Course Code Course Name Prerequisite(s)
CENG 385 Mathematical Logic
CENG 421 Network Programming
CENG 422 Network Design & Management
CENG 431 Building Software Systems
CENG 432 Fundamentals of Enterprise Application Development
CENG 433 Scalable Software Development for Internet
CENG 434 Enterprise Application Integration
CENG 435 Advanced Information Management CENG 315
CENG 436 Distributed Information Management CENG 315
CENG 437 Software Quality Management CENG 316
CENG 441 Introduction to Parallel Programming
CENG 442 Multicore Architectures and Operating Systems
CENG 443 Heterogenous Parallel Programming
CENG 444 Parallel Programming Patterns
CENG 451 Advanced Digital System Design
CENG 452 Building Software for Embedded Systems
CENG 461 Artificial Intelligence
CENG 462 Soft Computing
CENG 463 Introduction to Machine Learning
CENG 471 Cryptography
CENG 472 Network Security
CENG 473 Security of Information and Communication
CENG 481 Theoretical Approaches in Computer Science
CENG 482 Evolutionary Computation
CENG 483 Behavioural Robotics
CENG 484 Data Mining
CENG 485 Information Technology Entrepreneurship
CENG 486 Entrepreneurship for Smart Business
CENG 487 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CENG 488 Computer Graphics

These courses are offered in the semesters when the related faculty members and minimum number of students are available.