CENG 471


Secrecy, integrity, authentication, history of the cryptography, the fundamental concepts of information theory, secrecy systems, monoalphabetical substitution, polyalphabetical substitution, transposition, block ciphers, Data Encryption Standard (DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), key management, combining block ciphers, Symmetrical cryptosystem security architectures, Symmetrical cryptosystem design & verification. Factorization based (RSA), ECC based asymmetrical cryptosystems, Random number generators, prime number generators and primality testers, hashing algorithms (MD5-SHA0-SHA1-SHA2), PKI and related models, standards: IEEE P1363, Fips 186.2, – 140.2, x9.62, x9.63, PKCS#6, x509v3.

Introduction to Cryptography with basic definitions and concepts
Information Theory and Probability Theory and Cryptography
Monoalphebetical and Polyalphabetical Crypto
Block Ciphering, DES and AES
Symmetrical Key Management and Security Architecture
Symmetrical Cryptosystem Design and Verification
Introduction to Number Theory I
Introduction to Number Theory II
Factorization based Asymmetrical Cryptosystems – RSA
Discrete Logarithm Problem and Cryptosystems: DHKE, ElGamal
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems- ECC
Public Key Infrastructures
Design of Cryptographic Protocols: FIPS 140-2/3