CENG 384


Elements of microprocessors and microcomputers, software and hardware for microprocessors; microcontrollers; embedded system design with microcontrollers, memory interface, analog-digital input/output interfaces and interrupt interface of typical microprocessors/controllers; programming with assembly and high level languages; real-time working, real-time operating systems; design of single and general purpose microprocessor/controllers using FPGAs; system control, analysis of feedback control systems, controller design; data acquisition, fundamentals of digital signal processing.

Introduction to Computing, 8051 Microcontrollers
8051 Assembly Language Programming
Jump, Loop and Call Instructions, I/O Port Programming
EPROM programming
8051 Addressing Modes
Arithmetic & Logic Instructions and Programs, 8051 Hardware Connection and Intel Hex File
Calculator application
Timer Programming in Assembly
Serial Port Programming in Assembly
Interrupts Programming in Assembly
Seconds counter application
LCD and Keyboard Interfacing
ADC, DAC and Sensor Interfacing
Temperature Measurement via ADC application