CENG 424

Embedded Computer Systems

Nature of embedded systems, particular problems, special issues; role in computer engineering; embedded microcontrollers, embedded software; real time systems, problems of timing and scheduling; testing and performance issues, reliability; low power computing, energy sources, leakage; design methodologies, software tool support for development of such systems; problems of maintenance and upgrade; networked embedded systems; FPGA design issues.

Learning Outcomes:
  1. To demonstrate the ability to model and design embedded systems.
  2. To show ability to realize and verify systems.
  3. To show ability to use embedded software development techniques.


Introduction to Embedded System Design
Review of computer architecture concepts
FFPGA design and VHDL
Dedicated and General Purpose Datapath Design
Design with Microcontrollers
LAB – I : A simple application using Arduino
Fundamentals of feedback control systems
Data Acquisition and Digital Signal Processing
LAB – II :Setting up the testbed for motor speed control
Real-Time Systems
Real-Time Operating Systems
Embedded Software Design
Fault-Tolerance Techniques
LAB – III : Speed control of dc Motor using Arduino