CENG 451

Advanced Digital System Design

Finite state machine design and analysis; high-level hardware description languages, VHDL, automated synthesis in design; digital integrated circuit design and advanced design principles; electrical properties of digital circuits, synchronous and asynchronous circuits, computer arithmetic and interfacing to external circuitry, digital system testing and design for testability; implementation of embedded computing systems in terms of Application Specific Integrated Circuits; Design for reuse.

Introduction to Digital System Design
Review of Electronics
Digital Design Concepts
FPGA and ASIC design; VHDL Programming Language – I
Summary (Examination)
Electronic Design Automation Tools
Dedicated Soft Microprocessor/Microcontroller Design
General Purpose Soft Microprocessor/Microcontroller Design
Digital Signal Processor Design
Fault-Tolerant Hardware Design Issues
Interfacing to External Circuitry
Design for Reuse, Testing and other Topics
Case Study, Term Project