CENG 312

Computer Networks

Overview of computer networks: Network architecture and the ISO-OSI model. Circuit switching, packet switching. Network topology: Connectivity analysis, delay analysis and backbone analysis. Physical layer: Transmission and multiplexing, terminal handling, errors. Data link layer and link protocols. Network layer: Routing and congestion, satellite and packet radio networks, local networks. Transmission and session layer, presentation layer, application layer. Ethernet, token ring networks, protocols, discussion of some networks and their properties, network planning and management.

Learning Outcomes:

1.To be able to analyse systems using fundamental concepts of communication.
2.To be able to analyse layered network architecture and Internet protocols.
3.To be able to realize the designed networks and protocols.

Chapter 1 Introduction, Chapter 2 Network Models
Chapter 3 Data and Signals
Chapter 6 Multiplexing & Spreading
Chapter 7 Transmission Media
Chap 9 : Using Telephone and Cable for Data Transmission + Chap 13: Wired LANs: Ethernet
Chap 14: Wireless LANs
Chap 18: Virtual Circuit Networks: Frame Relay & ATM
Chap 19: Network Layer: Logical Addressing
Chap 23: Process to Process Delivery:UDP,TCP,SCTP
Chap 25: Domain Name System
Chap 26: Remote Logging, Electronic Mail, File Transfer
Chap 27: WWW and HTTP