Serap Şahin
Assistant Professor

Asst. Prof. Serap Şahin was born in 1966. She received her B.S. in Computer Engineering from Ege University in 1987 with thesis on “Expert Systems”. She obtained her Ms.E. from the same institution in 1989 with a thesis, entitled “System Analysis and Design of Arkas Holding Information System”. She worked in Arkas Holding as an Information Systems Coordinator in between 1987-2002 and conducted many projects concerning the maritime, air, rail transportation, port management and logistics.
She started her academic studies in 2002 and completed her Ph.D. research on Information Systems Security and Cryptology in Information Systems Strategy and Security Lab. of Izmir Institute of Technology, concerning “Computational Speed Problem of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems in Software Implementation”. She completed her post-doctoral research on “Security of Next Generation Networks” in Institute for the Protection and the Security of Citizen, Joint Research Center, Italy with support of postdoctoral research fellowship program of TUBITAK in 2010 and joined our department as an assistant professor.

  • B.Sc. : Computer Engineering, Ege University (1987)
  • M.Sc. : Computer Engineering, Ege University (1989)
  • Ph.D. : Computer Engineering, Ege University (2006)

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  • Data Collection on Graph Databases and Analysis of Privacy Relations, Mevlana Exchange Program
  • Homomorphic Cryptosystem Based Electronic Election System Solution, BAP