Işıl Öz
Assistant Professor

Işıl Öz received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in computer engineering from Marmara University. She received the Ph.D. degree in computer engineering at Bogazici University. After completing her Ph.D. studies, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher, ERCIM/Marie Curie Fellow, at Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS). She joined IZTECH Computer Engineering Department in 2018. Her research interests include computer architecture, performance and reliability of multi-core systems, and fault-tolerant computing.

  • B.Sc. : Computer Engineering, Marmara University (2004)
  • M.Sc. : Computer Engineering, Marmara University (2008)
  • Ph.D. : Computer Engineering, Boğaziçi University (2013)

Journal Article

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  • FTGPGPU- Hardware Fault Tolerance Analysis for General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) Applications, TÜBİTAK ARDEB 3501