2021-2022 Fall Term Microsoft Teams Course Codes

2021-2022 Fall Term Microsoft Teams Course Codes


You can find Microsoft Teams course codes for the 2021-2022 Fall Term in the table given below.


Course Name

Teams Code

CENG 111M Introduction to Computer Engineering x5tbogs
CENG 113 Programming Basics 7e4lxhd
CENG 115 Discrete Structures 7efem4x
CENG 211 Programming Fundamentals zmksrd3
CENG 215 Circuits and Electronics rm33s0e
CENG 311 Computer Architecture 7zmll4y
CENG 313 Operating Systems 4pmuz2x
CENG 388 Web Programming 8ly15ip
CENG 391 Introduction to Image Understanding lmnivnu
CENG 400 Summer Practice bz99jcl
CENG 411 Professional Issues in Computer Engineering 5cdoy3o
CENG 415/416 Senior Design Project & Seminar I-II rbydx3v
CENG 422 Network Design and Management 4myvi8i
CENG 443 Heterogeneous Parallel Programming rdzmimq
CENG 471 Cryptography tbe6s55
CENG 484 Data Mining xa70j7m
CENG 518 Introduction to Research Methodology and Ethics jo78xpc
CENG 561 Advanced Information Security lina3im
CENG 611 Advanced Analysis and Design of Algorithms 1rkl77n
ECON 205 Principles of Economics 1g59mcq
SEDS 504 Software Construction 8ji58wu